Board Members

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represent the interests of all individuals and families that are served by the Family Heath Center.  Members of the Board do their best to make sure that FHC is well maintained, financially secure, growing, and providing comprehensive, quality care for patients as stated in the Family Health Center Mission Statement. 

The  Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and energy to provide the organization with ongoing guidance and leadership. A majority, at least 51%, of our board is comprised of active medical patients giving them a unique view and perspective.

Executive Committee

Rick Huckaby – President

Rick believes as we go through life, we must give back to the community in which we live. His desire to assist the Family Health Center with reaching and setting new goals has proven to be limitless over the years he has served on the board, and as Board President.  Rick has exhibited a sincere commitment to accessible health care and to the community in which he lives.

Cynthia Washington-Mattson – Vice President

Cynthia’s vast experience serving as a board member for several different community organizations, in areas such as diversity and ethnicity, has brought insight and a fresh perspective. Cynthia believes that all residents of Cowlitz County deserve comprehensive health care services, no matter their financial situation.

Melissa Taylor – Treasurer

Melissa’s extensive knowledge in the areas of education, advocacy, community development, and public relations has proven to be an invaluable source of information for the Family Health Center.  Melissa continues to use her skills and experience to pursue social and economic justice in the local area.

Wanda McBee – Secretary

Wanda has utilized her past positions in bookkeeper to bring expertise to her position as Board Secretary. She joined the board because of her desire to contribute to her community and wanted to offer a fresh perspective to the board.   Wanda’s desire to help others, combined with her background, has directly benefited Family Health Center patients.


Sandi Benbrook-Rieder

Sandi accepted a position as Interim Clinic Manager for the Family Health Center Wahkiakum Clinic in mid 2014-early 2015.  After serving in that capacity, Sandi understood how important the clinic was to her community and was determined to assist in some way.  Her experience in management, budgeting, strategic planning, emergency management, community development and impact assessment made her an ideal candidate for the board.  Sandi believes that the services provided by Family Health Center are vital to clients and the organization’s efforts contribute directly to the resilience and well-being of the population.

Alisabeth Buck

With over 30 years of experience in nursing, social work, human services and adult education, Alisabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Family Health Center board.  Alisabeth has also volunteered her time for blood banks, medical clinics, community gardening organizations and youth service providers.  In addition to her time on the FHC Board, Alisabeth has also served on the National Organization of Human Service Education and the National Association of Social Workers.

Wayne Cain

Wayne was a member of the Drug Abuse Prevention Center Board of Directors for over 30 years and continued as a Family Health Center Board of Director after merging in 2015.  He has over 30 years experience in law enforcement and corrections.  Wayne represents the interests of all people served by Family Health Center and focuses his efforts on the mission of the organization.

Elizabeth Cattin

Elizabeth (Liz) is the Director of Patient Support and Community Resources at Peace Health St. John Medical Center.  She oversees operational management of several departments and is additionally responsible for engaging and partnering with community organizations.  Liz brings years of experience in leadership, quality improvement; relationship building; project and budget management.

EM ‘Dolli’ Hoyhtya

Dolli has gained experience working with local organizations over the years that serve those in need.  She values the “I can help” attitude that she sees in our medical clinics and does her part to provide advocacy for those that can’t, or won’t, speak for themselves.  Dolli is a natural helper and goes out of her way to help people gain their independence and feel good about themselves.

John Paul Prado

John spends his time volunteering and helping others find the joy in life.  He believes in the mission of FHC and approaches issues with an open mind to make decisions that are best for everyone involved.  John is committed to sharing his time and talents to help and is an enthusiastic advocate for FHC.

Carleen Wolgamott

Carleen is the Family Health Center’s longest serving board member and is the EHS Manager and Health Specialist for the Lower Columbia College Head Start program.  She understands that many people have barriers to overcome, but that being low income is especially difficult.  Carleen’s commitment to the local community is sincere and she shares the Family Health Center’s vision when it comes to serving the uninsured.