Family Health Center provides comprehensive medical services and family planning for individuals and families. Our primary care clinics provide health screenings, preventive health care, care for chronic disease, care coordination, health education, health insurance enrollment assistance and referral for specialty care.  Family Planning services include birth control exams and supplies, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment; pregnancy testing and counseling; sterilization counseling and referral.iStock_000014332429Medium

Behavioral Health

We practice under an integrated behavioral health model in our medical clinics.  On-site psychiatric nurse practitioners, counselors and mental health specialists work with primary care providers to coordinate patient care and provide brief intervention to support improved behavioral health.



We provide comprehensive general dentistry services. Our dental clinics provide dental screenings, preventive and restorative services to help maintain oral hygiene and tooth health.

Specialty Care

We process specialty care referrals, work with insurance companies and schedule appointments for patients at the most convenient and affordable specialty clinic available.

Hospital Services

Our patients receive hospitalization services at different locations, depending on where they live and the Doctor examining x-ray image .level of care needed.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

We provide WIC Services in Cowlitz County.  The WIC program provides supplemental foods, health care and social resource referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk.


First Steps Maternal Support Services (MSS)

We provide First Steps MSS services in Cowlitz County. The First Steps MSS program provides preventive health and education services to help women have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Pregnant women with Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage are eligible to receive First Steps MSS during pregnancy iStock_000014332429Mediumand for a short while postpartum. Services may begin any time during the prenatal, delivery or postpartum period. However, eligible, pregnant women are encouraged to enter the program as early in the pregnancy as possible.

First Steps – Infant Case Management (ICM)

We provide First Steps ICM services in Cowlitz County.  First Steps ICM is additional support provided for families that need extra assistance using medical, social, educational and community resources, so that their family may thrive.  First Steps ICM may begin any time after First Steps services end (when the baby is about 3 months old) and end shortly after the baby’s first birthday.

Substance Use Disorder Treatmentgetty-images-200391849-001

We provide substance use disorder counseling in both residential and outpatient treatment modalities.Substance use disorders occur when the repeated use of alcohol and/or drugs causes impairment, such as health problems, disability, and failure to meet major responsibilities at work, school, or home.

Adult Residential Program 

We offer an intensive residential program in a safe and structured environmentthat helps individuals develop the personal tools they need to recover from their addictions and begin working on life skills to support their recovery.  In conjunction with residential treatment, our Adult Residential Programs provide access to health care and community services.

Pregnant, Postpartum Women’s Residential ProgramiStock_000014332429Medium

We offer an intensive residential program for pregnant, postpartum (up to one year post delivery, regardless of birth outcome, adoption, or foster care placement of the child) and parenting women with dependent children up to age six. The program addresses issues specific to women in relation to substance use disorder and their children.  Child care services are provided for the health and welfare of the children accompanying their parents in the program.

Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

We offer outpatient substance use disorder treatment programs for adults.  Patients participate in individual and group sessions.

Parent-Child Assistance Program

We offer a paraprofessional home visitation program for high risk, substance abusing women.  The program uses a case-management approach as a compliment to traditional substance use disorder treatment and focuses not only on reducing alcohol and drug use, but on reducing other risk behaviors and address the health and social well-being of the mothers and their children. 04-top-box5

The Phoenix House      

In partnership with the Housing Opportunities of SW WA, we operate a supportive housing project for formerly homeless women and their children.  Phoenix House provides:

  • Affordable housing, available for as long as needed.
  • Family services designed to build on the strengths of family members and maximize success.
  • Child services aimed at meeting the needs of children.