Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant, as part of the primary health care team, assists medical providers in providing health care for clinic patients.  The Medical Assistant rooms patients, takes histories and vitals, records patient information in the health care record, assists with examinations and procedures, administers injections, and follows up with patients.  The Medical Assistant is responsible for developing respectful, professional relationships with patients that assist them in improving their overall health and quality of life.  The Medical Assistant works at the top of their license and displays a friendly manner, a commitment to service, strong decision-making skills, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.  Requires an unrestricted Medical Assistant license and certification, computer skills, excellent customer service skills, and a desire to work with a low-income, diverse population dealing with behavioral and physical health issues.

2023-19 Medical Assistant, Wage $21.53- $23.19 Ocean Park

2023-77 Medical Assistant, Wage $21.53- $23.19, 784 14th Avenue Mon-Thurs 10 hours

2023-79 Medical Assistant, On Call, Wage $21.53- $23.19, Float, Days will vary 10 Hours

2023-75 Medical Assistant, Float, Wage $21.53- $23.19, 10 hour days with Variable Locations

2024-17 Medical Assistant, Float, Wage $21.53-$23.19, 10 hour days with Variable Locations, Mon-Fri

2024-33 Medical Assistant, Wage $21.53-$23.16, 10 hour days Tue-Fri, Day Shift, Cathlamet

2024-34 Medical Assistant, Wage $21.53-$23.19, 10 hour days Mon-Thurs, 1057 12th Avenue